OSX Yosemite: Apache Server Won’t Start In MAMP

I updated my OSX to the latest version, OSX Yosemite Beta 2 early today. Then I encountered an error on my MAMP. Apache Server Won’t Start.

After lot of google-ing, this is how i solve this problem.

You apparently have to go to your MAMP folder in Applications. Go to bin -> apache2 -> bin:

Then change envvars to _envvars.

Finally, open MAMP client and try to start Apache server and Mysql server again. Both of the services should able to start now.

mamp client


7 thoughts on “OSX Yosemite: Apache Server Won’t Start In MAMP”

  1. Wow. It scared me to death – on a deadline and all of a sudden MAMP won’t run!

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS. Works like a champ. You rock!

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