Reverse Engineering in Mysql Workbench


It’s such a great day in 2016, I pushed myself to focus on developing “something that matters”.  I still have two papers for final exam as I’m currently further study in Bachelor Degree of Software Engineering in one of Public University in Malaysia.

As final year student, I’m required to develop a Final Year Project. I decided to develop a mobile app with PHP as the backend server.

Previously, I use MySql Workbench to draft my database design. I’m using Laravel as the backend server for my mobile app.  After doing the migration in Laravel,  I realize that I should redesign my database.

After all migration files migrated  to MySQL database, I need to write the model relationship in Laravel. A lot of changes in relationship design from my draft database and my current database after migration.

To generate a new design view in MySql Workbench from my current database here is the step in short.

  1. Export to an SQL file for the database from PhpMyAdmin
  2. Open MySQL Workbench, go to menu,
    Database > Reverse Engineer
  3. Import the SQL file and follow instruction on workbench’s wizard
    Reverse Engineer in MySQL Workbench
  4. After completing the wizard, new Workbench view will generate based on your SQL file. The view design is looking good and easy to read as workbench design the arrangement for you.

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